Rwanda says the inquiry, for now, is focused on 20 French individuals
Rwanda says the inquiry, for now, is focused on 20 French individuals / Clockwise: General Jean-Claude LAFOURCADE, General Christian Quesnot,General Jacques Lanxade, Colonel Didier Tauzin,Captain Paul Barril, Colonel Jacques Hogard

The government of Rwanda has opened criminal cases against specific French officials for their role in the 1994 genocide – some of whom could be charged in court if proceedings show they have cases to answer.

Rwanda wants to conclusively bring to an end simmering tension with France by making those who took part in the massacre of over a million lives, pay for their actions.

“The Office of the Prosecutor General announces the start of a formal criminal inquiry into the role of certain French Government agents and/or officials in the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda,” reads in part a communiqué signed by Muhumuza Richard, the Prosecutor General.

The statement says; “The inquiry, for now, is focused on 20 individuals whom, according to information gathered so far, are required by the Prosecution Authority to explain or provide clarity on allegations against them, to enable the Authority to make conclusions whether the concerned individuals should be formally charged or not.”

Last month, Rwanda released a list of 22 French senior military officers who were directly implicated in the planning and execution of the 1994 Genocide against Tutsi in Rwanda. Meanwhile, in 2009, Rwanda identified 33 French political and military officials as have been complicit in the genocide.

“As investigations continue, other French Government agents and/or officials might be required to similarly assist the Prosecution Authority,” the National Prosecution Authority said in the statement.

Prosecution announced that relevant French Government authorities have been formally engaged.

“The Office of the Prosecutor General expects that reciprocal judicial cooperation will be availed throughout this inquiry by the relevant French Government agencies and authorities.”

Here is list of twenty-two (22) French military officers named last month:

  • General Jacques Lanxade
  • General Christian Quesnot
  • General Jean-Pierre Huchon
  • Lieutenant-Colonel Michel Roberday
  • Colonel Gilbert Canovas
  • Colonel Jacques Rosier
  • Captain Etienne Joubert
  • Colonel Didier Tauzin
  • Colonel René Galinié
  • Colonel Bernard Cussac
  • Lt Col. Jean-Jacques Maurin
  • Commander Grégoire De Saint Quentin
  • Colonel Dominique Delort
  • Lieutenant Colonel Jean-Louis Nabias
  • Commander Denis Roux
  • Captain Paul Barril
  • Jean-Claude LAFOURCADE General
  • Colonel Jacques Hogard
  • Colonel Jacques Rosier
  • Patrice Sartre
  • Commander Marin Gillier
  • Lieutenant Colonel Eric De Stabenrath


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